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About Us

Ballas Egg Products Corporation is a family-operated company that has been in the egg processing business since 1928.  We have established a world-wide reputation by delivering high-quality egg products at competitive prices.  Our goal is not to be the biggest supplier of egg products – just your supplier.  We work with small customers who buy one carton a month just as well as large customers who buy one tanker a day.

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Ballas Egg has combined the knowledge that comes with years of experience in the egg industry with current technology to create a modern, clean, and efficient egg products facility.  Ballas Egg is one of only a few manufacturers in the US that can offer dried, liquid, and frozen egg products from one facility.  Our plant is located in Zanesville, Ohio, which is about 50 miles east of Columbus, Ohio.  Located on a major east-west interstate, I-70, Zanesville is within 75 miles of three other interstate routes that run north and south, I-77, I-71, and I-75.  This location enables us to quickly serve customers throughout the middle section of the United States.  We are also close to intermodal locations, which provide economical access to international transportation.

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Ballas Egg employees are people who care about the quality of their work. As a company, we operate our business in a manner that shows respect for their efforts.  Ballas Egg employs approximately 90 people who are involved in egg breaking, pasteurizing, spray drying, freezing, packaging, and shipping.  Each day we process over 1.7 million eggs to produce a variety of quality egg products.  For more information about the products we make, please click here.    

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At Ballas Egg, quality is not a requirement, it is a commitment.  For our employees, it is a way of doing their jobs.  We maintain stringent standards for sanitation and consistency in our plant.  We focus on training our employees to use the best manufacturing practices all the time.  We statistically sample and test every product we make in our in-house USDA-approved Quality Assurance Lab.  For more information about our quality control programs, please visit our QUALITY & HACCP page.